How browser push notifications helps bloggers

Let’s assume you have a blog with very great unique content which provides real value to readers. You have a good amount of traffic on the blog. You are continuously working hard on producing fresh content for your readers but struggling to put your fresh content in front of readers. Push notifications are the technology which can help you reduce your pain to reach to your genuine readers.

As a blogger, if you are not using push notifications on your blog yet, then you are behind the trends & must be losing an opportunity to connect with your readers.

However, a successful blogging not only requires an amazing content but reaching the readers in a more easy way. In this post, you will learn how a browser-based push notification helps you to reach your audience/users in the much simpler way and ultimately make your lives easier.

Yeello is a multichannel digital marketing tool, which helps you to send push notifications to your subscribers. These are browsers based push notifications and your subscribers don’t have to be present on your websites to receive your messages.

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How do browser push notifications work?

Browser push notifications enable when you send clickable push messages to your subscribers’. They work on one single opt-in window so users can click to subscribe button, and if users want to unsubscribe push notifications they can adjust their browser’s settings to unsubscribe.

Browser push notifications, also known as web push notifications.

Push notifications help you communicate and re-engage your users, also help you to increase loyalty, user retention & satisfaction. Push notifications are 10x times better conversion rate than email and SMS because it captures a user’s attention immediately. Whether the user is watching a movie or reading an article on his desktop/mobile, when a push notification arrives, the user’s attention is immediately shifted to that.

Why should Bloggers use browser push notifications?

If you are a blogger and you want more traffic and re-engage users then web push notifications are very important for you. There are lots of benefits of for push notifications for bloggers.

Here are some of the most important things you need to know about push notifications:

1. Drive more traffic to your website

The ability to reach out your readers in real-time is powerful, and the higher your real-time reach is, the more powerful your brand will become in terms of the viral effect it can have.

If you publish a time-sensitive blog post and you need people to see that post, then only push notifications to allow you to get the word out fast and efficiently traffic to your website.

2. Convert visitors into subscribers

Browser push notifications help you to constantly increase your traffic as well as this visitors are convert into subscribers.

Most bloggers don’t understand we can convert visitors into subscribers.

3. Communicate instantly to your readers

One of the best future of web push notification is that it demands an immediate action on the part of the subscriber. Either the subscriber closes the notification or he clicks on the notification and is taken to the content.

Publishers can use this unique functionality by sending instant content through push notifications like product future, market updates, new offers, the latest trend, and much more etc.

4. Aware of your brand uniqueness

Pillar posts are the foundation of your blog, and if your new subscribers are not seeing the pillar content, it will be hard for them to understand the impact of your brand. This is an effective way for you to let your subscribers see your most important content.

Most bloggers let users subscribe to their blog updates and then send them only new blog posts. Instead of doing this, you should nurture your newly subscribed users with your most important content, your brand ideal value, your achievements, your product future and other important content that helps your newly subscribed users learn more about your brand.

5. A cost-effective alternative

If the only reason you’re building an app is to send users instant notifications, then a better option would be to simply subscribe readers from your mobile/desktop website and send them web push notifications.

web push notifications are a great way to leverage the power of interactive, instant communications with your readers, without incurring the cost of building an app.

6. Easy to implement

There is a great tool yeello out there that you can use to set up push notifications for your website and start sending notifications, all in a span of 5 minutes!

It requires the user to just add a piece of code in the closing head tag of their web pages. After that, the user can use the tool’s dashboard or interface to collect subscribers and send notifications.


Web push notifications are certainly the best channel to engage and retain your visitors on your website. browser-based push notification helps you to reach your audience/users in the much simpler way and ultimately make your lives easier. Push notifications will grow very rapidly in the coming years.

If you’re looking for a powerful Browser Push notification solution which offers advanced capabilities. I’d like you to recommend Yeello which is a multi-channel digital marketing automation platform. Using the power of real-time segmentation and target your visitors to convert into customers. Along with this you will get few other channels to communicate with your website visitors.

Last but not the least, we have just released our social media automation platform Yeello will help you reduce your marketing efforts,  sign up now to get the early joiners benefit!

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