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Web Push Notifications are clickable messages that can be sent from a website to its subscribers on both desktop or mobile devices. These notifications get delivered in real-time, even if the website isn’t open in the browser when they are sent. it is also called Browser Push Notifications, they are a highly effective way to re-engage with your visitors without knowing their email or any other contact details.

Web push notification is one of the best channels available today for reaching out to your customers. And in terms of the effectiveness, it beats all other online marketing channels available on market today.

Web push

Web push notifications

One of the important fact about Push Notifications is that – they are disruptive! It immediately gains a user’s attention. At the same time, due to the same reason.

When a user arrives on your website, a small dialog box asks them for their permission to send push notifications. If they click on ‘Allow’, your website can start triggering notifications even when they’re not present on your website.

Let’s get started

1. Use single click opt-in

If we enable single click opt-In, our visitors can subscribe to push notifications in just single step. It helps to retain and re-engage our website traffic. Our websites have seen up to 10 times growth in subscriber base by using two-step opt-in into one step opt-in.

2. Special welcome offer to new subscribers

We can offer some special welcome deals to our users who subscribe to our browser push notifications. Send them an at least one special coupon along with the Thank You notification right after subscription. This one small gift could bring more sales to you in future and impact on our website to the audience. Thank You push notificThis made a good improvement in their number of subscribers as well as online sales.

4. Right time to show opt-in window

Timing is very important to push notifications. What timing we have shown our opt-in window on our website its matter to our visitors. It depends on our website category also.

The subscription rate is the highest if we show the opt-in window within 5 – 7 seconds after the user has landed on a web page.

3. Send notifications to right time

It is very important to us what timing we have to send push notifications to our users. We can send push notifications on weekdays not a weekend days. Commuting hours (if your audience isn’t driving) and lunch and break times might show the greatest engagement.

5. Subscribers clear that they can unsubscribe anytime

Users think that you are a spammer so, they won’t subscribe to our browser push notifications. Let them trust on our side that it’s very easy to unsubscribe anytime. They think these push notifications are spam to our side and low website speed.

6. Run Ad campaigns to get more quality traffic

Running ad campaigns on all social media heavily to gets you a lot of new visitors to our website. If you have web push notifications installed, you would be able to convert these new visitors into subscribers. The more quality traffic you bring in, the more subscribers you will get.

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