Five best ways to increase your website Traffic without SEO!

We all know that SEO is a brilliant way to generate traffic for a website. You can use the different strategies to increase your traffic on your website.

However, SEO is not everything to your website traffic. Even if your website isn’t properly optimised for search engines, you can still get a lot of traffic from other channels also. And that’s good news for you. Because no matter what you do in your niche.

Until you start receiving organic traffic from search engines, you can use these other channels to keep your website up and running. This traffic will not only help you to make sales and increase exposure, but it will also allow you different opportunities for social media sharing and link building, which will greatly help to speed up the search engine optimisation process.

Five best ways to increase your traffic without SEO

1. Social media marketing

One of the best things about social media marketing is that it is not dependent on how SEO-friendly your website is. Engaged visitors coming from social media websites is what Google likes to see.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing (Credited by google)

The best way to leverage social media websites is by focusing on your target audience. Try to give them as much value as possible without expecting too much in return. You can use facebook, twitter, LinkedIn Google plus, Instagram to generate your social media campaign.

You can Use yeello tool that lets can you schedule all your social media posts together and saves your lots of time.

Use BuzzSumo to find out the most popular content of your industry on social media websites. Then create more such content to gain better traction.

2. Online advertising

Online advertising is the easiest way to generate at least hundreds of clicks to your website (depends on PPC). Also with the new ad and social media platforms coming up and getting innovated constantly, getting online ads in most focus and in the attention of right users has become easier than ever.

If you want to drive traffic through the search engines, it is significant that you must learn, ahead of time, how you will drive money from this traffic. When you start running ads, you need not make it big on the first chance. Do this for a week, so that it can assist you to learn how different social media platforms work.

3. Guest blogging

This is another way to bring up website traffic. There are main aspects you can need to follow when you come to guest blogging.

search for good websites that are best-suited to your business and will accept your guest posts too. Now if you are thinking of how to locate such websites, Google is your best guide. You can find such websites by simply searching them within Google.

Here are a few steps that you need to read your own guest blogging strategy:

  • Get some list of all the blogs in your niche that you would like to target.
  • Check out, these blogs have a higher domain authority than your website.
  • Find out what is most important to the users of those blogs.
  • Give some interesting titles.
  • Pitch these ideas to the editors.

4. Blog commenting

Some website owners and bloggers think of blog commenting as a very out-dated way to drive traffic. However, it still works and it works very well. You have to understand how it works and what you need to do to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

You can firstly find websites that are best-suited to your business nature. It is a really good practice to comment on industry-oriented websites as it will bring in targeted and qualified traffic. This targeted traffic has a higher chance to give out a better conversion rate, than a low-quality site that might generate might no of traffic.

5. Start answering on Quora

How many times have you typed a question into Google and your answer showed up on a website like Quora. We’ve all used this sites at some time, even if we didn’t realize their immense value at the time.

In many cases, quora is like organic traffic machines. It can work wonders for getting you found online without any comprehensive or complicated SEO strategy at work in the background.


So, now that you have gone through the different tricks & ways of getting more traffic to your website. Now whether you use one of them or all or a mix of them, and which one has the ability to transform your visitor’s count and the way your website attracts its audience.

Sonali Hirave

Sonali Hirave

Sonali is the Co-founder of Gliterd Software, which provides Martech tool Yeello for SMEs to grow their online business. She is passionate about Marketing Technology (Martech) & has more than 2+ years of professional experience as a designer & digital marketer. Sonali is pursuing her masters in Computer Science from Pune University.

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