How browser push notifications important part of digital marketing?

Browser push notifications is one of the hottest technique in digital marketing to get the target audience easily on your website.

Browser Push notifications are delivered to your mobile device, tablet or desktop, even when your browser is closed. These notifications can only be sent to users who have subscribed to your website from different browsers.

Browser push notifications

Browser push notifications

Push Notifications are best used for delivering time bound content to engage users. Some of the popular use cases include re-targeting users with offers, retaining loyal readers with personalized content and much more.

Why browser push notifications?

The browser push notification is one of the best channels available today for reaching out to your customers. In terms of the effectiveness, it beats all other online marketing channels available on market today.

One of the important fact about browser Push Notifications is that – they immediately gain a user’s attention. That is why all most of the marketers have adopted this as one of the important communication channels over email.

When a user lands on your website, a small permission window will appear to ask the send push notifications permission. If they click on ‘Allow’, your website can start triggering notifications even when they’re not present on your website.

Power of push notifications in digital marketing

Push notifications are the great power of digital marketing. Push notifications are easy to implement and when best rules are followed, can be a great way to interact with users. Back up your action plan and only enable push notifications when they are worthy.

There are some reasons why use push notifications on website marketing plan:

  • Communicate offline and online webpage visitors
  • Within seconds delivery
  • High conversion rate as compare to other marketing campaigns
  • Communicate without any contact details
  • Support multiple browsers and multiple platforms
  • Low effort big result

That’s why push notifications are the major role in digital marketing with your website.

How push notifications are better than other digital marketing channels?

As we know, email marketing, social media channels, content marketing and SMS are the common marketing channels that can be integrated to grow and engage traffic. But we understand how browser push notifications are better than them

Emails are most probably used marketing channel. It can be delivered messages directly to our audience. Last studies prove that email marketing is not effective marketing platform as compare to browser push notifications.

Browser push notifications

Browser push notifications

Browser push notification is the best marketing channel that delivers the message that cannot be missed easily. Whether your user is busy viewing other website or you have locked your mobile screen.

Benefits of browser push notifications in digital marketing

Following are some benefits of browser push notifications on your website:

Assured delivery

Browser Push Notifications overcome one of the biggest flaws of Email and SMS Marketing – messages not getting delivered because of spam filters, or some other reason.

It’s a one-hundred percent consent driven communication channel.

The sec of time push notifications ‘allow’ button click action. Then it will be delivered users on sec of real time.

Higher opt-in rates

In email marketing platform we have to need user email address and contact detail. In browser push notifications we don’t need to any contact details of users.

As well as we have the ability to unsubscribe from receiving notification easily whenever they want. Custom opt-ins for web push notifications are higher than emails.

Complete permission based engagement

In browser push notifications, don’t need email ID or any other personal information so users don’t disclose the opt-in window. Users can send push notifications any time without any contact details.

The benefit of permission-based engagement is users not irritate or unhappy to send push notifications with anytime.

Higher conversion rates

Studies prove that Browser Push Notifications produce better results in terms of custom opt-in and click-through compared to other marketing mediums.

Since browser push notifications only require the user to allow permission with just one click and users can unsubscribe at any time instantly.

Many recent studies have shown that web push notifications have up to 50 times higher conversion as compared to emails. Though conversions vary from different business domain & target customers, but figures are really impressive.

While the selection of web push notifications is increasing day by day, it is important to understand the concepts and understand how not to implement them to successfully generate traffic that keeps visiting your website.


If you are a website owner then, Browser push notifications are certainly the best channel to engage and retain your visitors on your website. Push notifications will grow very rapidly in the coming years.

So, if you have good traffic on your website, this is the best time to implement web push notifications on your website and start experimenting different marketing strategies.

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