Best social media posting tool for your business

Social media platforms are very important to brand product & services. You can use a social media posting tool for reducing your efforts.

You need to generate unique content for your followers.It isn’t realistic to post content in real time to each social media platform.

Social media posting tool

Social media marketing

Social media posting tools help you become more strategic post with your publishing perfect time schedule. These tools allow you to plug in all your content and account at once, and schedule content to post over a time.

Social media allows you to manage your social account like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest from one web or mobile dashboard. This platform-specific scheduling calendar suggests time slots that are optimized for your audience’s activity on each platform, but these times can be customized if you prefer to schedule your post at particular times.

Using our social media posting tool has few special benefits:

  • Reducing repeating work on different medium
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Focus on what matters you only
  • Don’t need to share social account credentials
  • Assign account specific permissions to different users

Some important feature our social media suite:

Schedule posts using social media posting tool

Keep your social presence active 24/7 by automatically by scheduling hundreds of social media posts at once, across your all social accounts & pages. This is something which saves a lot of time on different marketing efforts.

Social pages support in social media posting tool

Not only social accounts, you can add different pages for social accounts. All default rules for your pages will be applicable for pages with us as well.

You don’t need to provide special permission for pages to anyone just keep added your pages with us.



All social media account in one place using social media posting tool

The beauty of such tools is that it allows you to do many activities on different accounts using single social media posting tool. Manage all your social accounts from one place. There isn’t any limit on adding your accounts. Plus you actually don’t have to share your social credentials with anyone though people can work on it.


Social media marketing is certainly the best channel to all social media account management in one place. Social media marketing will grow very rapidly in the coming years.

So, if you are a digital marketer or a website owner, this is the best time to implement social media automation tool on your website and start experimenting different marketing strategies.

I’d like you to recommend Yeello which is a multi-channel digital marketing automation platform. Using the power of real-time segmentation and target your visitors to convert into customers.

Last but not the least, we have provided push notifications and all widgets suite for your business. Yeello will help you reduce your marketing efforts,  sign up now to get the early joiners benefit!

Wants to know why Social Media Marketing (SMM) is Important? What are The Benefits of SMM in Blogging?

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