Benefits of browser push notifications for the E-Commerce site

Browser push notifications for the E-Commerce site gives a leverage of increasing conversion rate on your e-commerce platform. If browser push notifications for the e-commerce site used effectively, they can be a game changer from a marketing point of view.

Browser push notification, a great tool to create a buzz about a brand, enhance brand engagement and awareness. It is different as it waits for the user to come online. It also gets expired after a certain interval of time. While SMS messages are on the edge of death and email marketing campaigns are facing low click-through rates.

E-commerce business uses a variety of ways to attract the customers as well as to engage them. It includes many channels – Email-marketing, Social media marketing, Display ads & get monsoon sales, offers announcement and so on. But these channels would reach a saturation stage quickly and generates a mediocre result since everyone relies on same channels.

How do work browser push notifications for the e-commerce site

Introducing Browser Push Notifications for the E-Commerce site. These are notifications sent directly from your website to the user’s browser and can be delivered even if the user is not accessing your website.

To make these notifications more interesting, you could personalize them and show relevant product recommendations to every user. Not to forget, you could include product images, description, and price for better recall. This is how a Browser Push Notification looks on desktop and mobile – yes they work on the mobile website too.

You can use browser push notifications to inform people about several things such as new products and discounts and sales on your e-commerce website. So, it’s a practical and cost-effective way to give your customers valuable personalized information that can go a long way in boosting your sales numbers as well as brand loyalty.

Why browser push notifications for the e-commerce site?

Browser push notifications are clickable messages similar to mobile push notifications. They are directed from a website on Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers and can be accessed on any devices including Desktop/Laptop, mobile or tablets.

These browser push notifications are useful in seizing consideration even if the user is browsing some other website.

Engage customers within seconds of time

The ability to reach out your Shopping fan in real-time is powerful, and the higher your real-time reach is, the more powerful your brand will become in terms of the viral effect it can have.

If you can announce some offer on some product and it will promote on browser push notifications. This will be very impactful on your e-commerce business.

Short and faster deliver message

In today’s word, any person doesn’t waste time! Browser push notifications are the short messages and also quick deliver your users. With the character limit of a Push Notification, we make sure that it’s clear, brief and honest. With emails require a lot of thought and editing before sending them out, and in which leads to a time of reflection and editing before sending them.

Convert visitors into customers

Browser push notifications on the e-commerce will help you to get your traffic back when you want them to on the specified location.

High engagement rate

Push notifications are delivered instantly, so engagement rate of users is high as compared to SMS or email.  If you use a good browser push notifications campaign by sending messages with interesting content, with use emoji icons, you will be assured a much greater engagement than with the other tools.

Recent studies have shown that browser push notifications have 50 times higher conversion as compared to emails and SMS.

Engage customers who are not on your site

If users are online and they’ve opted in to receive browser push notifications from you, you can reach them. That is a huge advantage no other web communications channel can offer.

With browser push notifications, you can send him messages even after he has closed your website. The messages will appear as notifications on his desktop or mobile device. He doesn’t even have to open his mailbox to see your notifications.


Now with browser push notifications, you need not invest a lot of time in writing converting emails or SMS and any other campaigns. You just need to write short and impactful push messages and send them to your users at the right time, also you can use meaningful emojis on your push messages. Timing is a very important part of your push notifications conversion rate.

As you can see, the possibilities of increasing conversion through browser Push Notifications are many. You can implement Push Notifications to use your marketing strategy, you’ll be amazed at the results!

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