Top 10 most effective SEO strategies for higher search rankings.

SEO is all about the content you create and how you promote it. Every business wants to show up on the top up on the search engine. In every single day, millions of people search some things on the search engine, and it helps them find what they are looking for.

We want to reach the top of the search results in search engine. So it takes a lot of hard work and a solid SEO strategy. When it is done correctly, SEO can help your business attract more visitors and sales, which results in more revenue.

Higher search ranking on search engine.

Higher search ranking on search engine.

If are making an effort to improve your organic search engine ranking positions, then you have great opportunities for your online business.

Here are ten basic tips to help improve your organic rankings.

1. Define a keyword list

Think about how people would search for your products and services, make a list of these keywords, and check the estimated traffic for each term with a tool like Google Keyword Planner. There is many tools to get you a number of keywords in few seconds.

You can use Google keyword planner to find target keywords. Longtailpro also a great tool to use to find long tail keywords in our the niche.

Your keyword research list will determine whether or not your search optimization effort will be a success or a failure. Many businesses make the mistake of selecting their keywords on just the search volume.

2. Develop Your Content Strategy

For content strategy, you should start a blog on your website. This allows you to constantly add new and fresh content to your website. The search engines love websites that are constantly updated with fresh content. In their eyes website that is constantly updated provides more value to the end user.

Every new blog post that you publish gives you great opportunity to spread it through social media, make some quality backlinks which helps to drive more traffic back to your site. Use your blog as a way to connect with your audience, the search engine automatically high your SEO ranking.

3. Get on page optimization perfect

For on-page optimization guide was created for every business who wants to achieve top organic search results in order to take advantage of consistent organic search traffic flooding their website. Many businesses are so quick to start a search engine optimization campaign that they ignore and neglect one of the most important pieces of successful SEO.



On-page optimization guide is designed to help you make sure that your website is properly optimized. On-page optimization is not up to use properly then the website will never reach its full potential in the search engine results.

4. Get high-quality links

One of the biggest factors Google looks at is the quality links on your website. While the wrong approach and the wrong links can get your website penalized, the right high-quality links can help you reach the top of the organic search results. There are two types of links:

  1. Internal links
  2. External links

5. Mobile friendly website

Google has announced a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that will have a valuable impact on mobile search results on your website. Seeing as about 50% of all searches done on Google are on mobile devices, the time is now to optimize for mobile and ensure your ranking doesn’t take a hit as a result.

If your website is WordPress then you have to make your website mobile friendly first.

6. Image optimization

The load time of a website is one of the key factors Google consider in its algorithm. We see many extremely bad examples when a website admin 7 MB or bigger images to upload on website gallery.

Most important step in images optimization is resizing. Very rarely bigger than 2000×1500 px images are required for the website. You must resize it. Another step of optimizing image size is compressing.

7. use header tags

HTML Header tags, as their name suggests, are used to differentiate the headings and sub-headings of a page from the rest of the content. These tags are also known to webmasters as heading tags or simply header tags.

The most important heading tag is the h1 tag and least important is the h6 tag. Do not use heading tags for styling text but use them for presenting organized and structured content on pages. You can use CSS stylesheets for the purpose of styling.

8. Page load speed

All search engine take page-loading speed into account in their website ranking algorithm.

Users may leave your site if they have to wait even just an extra few seconds for each page to load. That would hurt your user time, increase your bounce rate and reduce the number of pages viewed – all of which could hurt your SEO ranking. There are many ways to increase page load speed your website, some of which include using caching plug-ins, making sure the code is clean and streamlined, optimizing image sizes, reducing the number of plug-ins, and minimizing redirects.

Research has shown that you have to use good quality images can increase your conversion rate. Increase trust, and improve a visitor’s experience without hampering load time which could affect your SEO ranking.

9. Different multimedia

Images, videos, slideshows, and audio can help better user experience and allow you to deliver information in a way that is most easy to understand your visitors. They also act as a signal of quality content to search engines. You can put in the information to make your content look good and interactive and easy to understand.

Video marketing is now very best user engagement method to drive the visitor to your website and it holds the traffic on your website easily.

10. Get social sharing

The number of Facebook shares, Tweets, Pinterest pins, google plus shares and other social media mentions can increase your SEO rank. Social signals are already impacting Google SEO rankings and many industry experts believe that will only increase.

Install social sharing buttons on your website. It easy for users to share your content, and thereby improve user experience, it can also help you rank higher in searches. To get you started, here our social share button plug-ins to try: Social media automation button.

Now, these are just some very important tips to help with your SEO efforts. I hope you understand and will help grow your online business.

Thanks for reading!


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Sonali Hirave

Sonali Hirave

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