6 Reasons Why Push Notifications are better than Email and SMS

Web Push Notifications is a very powerful tool for communicating with users. Marketers have used SMS and Email to communicate with users for a long time.

But today, the trend is shifting to web push notifications. These notifications help you build a relationship with your customer in an easy way. They are delivered right on the browser of the subscribers, hence better visibility and better chances of clicks.

Push notifications

Push notifications

Following are six reasons to use push notifications for your app:

1. Subscription in one click

The Push Notifications subscription process is much faster than subscribing to a mailing list or SMS, and less nosy. While for the mailing and SMS the user is required to provide us with data i.e. email, telephone number, etc.

In Push Notifications, it is only necessary for the user to accept the Push Notifications permission in a simple one click. This also saves your time filtering the fake Email IDs that many users give for subscriptions. Quick, real and effectiveness!

2. Short and fast deliver messages

In today’s word, any person doesn’t waste time! Push notifications are the short messages and also quick deliver your users. With the character limit of a Push Notification, we make sure that it’s clear, brief and honest. With emails require a lot of thought and editing before sending them out, and in which leads to a time of reflection and editing before sending them.

As for SMS, they are also short but if we want to direct our user to a specific place, we have to put links, while the Push Notification itself in a link since, when clicked directs the user to the page that we have related.

3. Multiplatform accessible

For the Push Notification: Exclusive offers, product feature launch, breaking news, activation of a promotion users will receive the message instantly and are informed in real time. And not only this, we add that Push Notifications can be seen on both smartphones, desktops, and tablets, without even needing the user to be on the website to receive the Notification.

4. Customize message

Marketers already implement e-mail customization strategies, but simply capture the user’s name and incorporate it into the email content. With SMS the same thing happens, the personalization that it offers is very basic.

Web push notifications capability allows you to personalize your push messages with information we gather from the user profiles we build, as well as user action/inaction information. Push Notifications take customization to a next level, much more powerful than a simple name. Push Notifications can be customized by likes, interests, location, activity within the web or app, plus many other behaviors and demographics.

5. High user engagement rate

Push notifications are delivered instantly, so engagement rate of users is high as compared to SMS or email.  If you use a good Push Notifications campaign by sending messages with interesting content, with use emoji icons, you will be assured a much greater engagement than with the other tools.

6. Low cost

SMS or email would be costlier for the sender since it requires a dedicated network or tool for its delivery, which uses the inexpensive, shared resources of the Internet. SMS adds cost for the sender when they’re trying to reach users spread globally. However, with push, there’s no additional cost/effort required to make it work globally.

As you can see, the possibilities of increasing conversion through Push Notifications are many. You can implement Push Notifications to use your marketing strategy, you’ll be amazed at the results!

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